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Choice of Repairer - Car Insurance in Perth

Insured or not, All Car Glass get you the best deal If you have a “choice of repairer” with your insurer, all we need is for you to nominate All Car Glass as your repairer and your claim number. We do the rest. In some cases, the cost of replacing your windscreen is less than your insurance excess. The Auto Glass Association of Australia (AGA) represents all aspects, industry standard and compliancy in the automotive glass industry. They remind us that the windscreen is a major structural component of your car, supporting the roof and holding airbags in place. We have a current Police Clearance and Hashem has a certified Motor Vehicle Repairers Licence MRB9270 with the Western Australian Department of Mines, Industry Regulation & Safety.

In all cases, your motor vehicle insurer’s repairer will have an agreement with the insurance company. A guaranteed workflow is offered at a reduced cost for all car repairs. With reduced cost and limited time dedicated to say, fixing your car windscreen, it’s hard for a repairer to complete the work properly. This might be one reason why you get an inferior car window installation or a leaking car window – not to mention other issues.

Poor workmanship and cutting corners is not the way forward in this industry. Word gets around in perth and nobody but the insurance companies benefit.

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It’s the same Glass

We want you to go through your insurance but at ALL CAR GLASS, we suggest using a small independent and bespoke business like us that has an excess of 20 years’ experience to do the job. We use the exactly same after-market glass as your insurer’s repairer.

We care about your car

We take the time, care and dedication to look after your car like no one else. If you choose us, you will also be supporting a small business and not the huge national companies.

Now that’s something you can feel good about!

Fully mobile Car Windscreen Service

Another plus is that we come to you directly. When the problem areises or wherever you have parked your car. Unlike a lot of insurance repairers, ALL CAR GLASS is mobile. Most insurance jobs require you to drop your car off at the service place. If the glass repair place doesn’t have a courtesy van, then where are you? On a bike?

Use your right to have a choice of repairer and choose ALL CAR GLASS!

All we need is:

  • For your to nominate ALL CAR GLASS

  • Your claim number and we'll do the rest!

  • Car Insurance Company Gotchas

    With over 22 years’ experience, we offer a lifetime guarantee and visit you wherever you are in the Perth area. You won’t look back.

  • Budget-orientated car insurers often have a network of preferred repairers.

  • Many Australian auto-insurers don’t allow you to choose your repairer.

  • An insurer may try to pressure you into using their preferred repairer or an outlet they own.

  • An insurer won’t consider that their preferred repairer is an poor option for you

  • The insurer’s repairer may be too far away (ALL CAR GLASS comes to you)

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